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Zombie Shooters
Close Quarter Combat - Close Quarter Combat Game: kill zombies in SWAT style!
Plays: 3448 Rating: Not rated

Zombie Survival SM - Zombie Survival: Special Mission. Make your way through hordes of undead zombies, slaughter them all. Use your score to upgrade your weapons. A total of 45 Levels are available. Good Luck!
Plays: 3381 Rating: Not rated

Zombie Horde - Zombie Horde:Defend yourself from the zombies using bricks, guns, flamethrowers, and more. Controls: Left/Right to change weapon; Down: Change Power up; Up: Use Power Up; Click to fire current weapon; Mouse to Aim; Reloa...
Plays: 3381 Rating: Not rated

Pandemic - Pandemic Game: you are a strain of a new virus. It is your job to make sure you kill as many humans as you can in 200 days.
Plays: 3370 Rating: Not rated

Zombie Invaders - Zombie Invaders: Shoot the zombies, they came in waves!
Plays: 3259 Rating: Not rated

Dead Frontier Night 3 - Dead Frontier Night 3 Game: follow the white arrow to the helicopter!
Plays: 3130 Rating: Not rated

Dead Frontier Night 2 - Dead Frontier Night 2 Game: kill all the zombies.
Plays: 3118 Rating: Not rated

Bloods Vs Crips - Red or blue? Who ya down wit? Grab ya gat, rep ya set! Do battle with them fools in this gang war shootout game. Pick your side and blast as many of the enemy gang as possible. Head shots earn extra points and you can co...
Plays: 3068 Rating: Not rated

Dead Frontier Night 1 - Dead Frontier Night 1 Game: you are shelted in an abandoned cottage. Kill all the zombies if you want to survive.
Plays: 3028 Rating: Not rated

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