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Zombie Shooters
Resident Evil Apocalypse - Resident Evil Apocalypse Game: kill zombies!
Plays: 5679 Rating: Not rated

The Last Stand - The Last Stand: Defend your barricade by shooting the zombies and try to survive the night. Increase your survival chance by searching for new weapons, looking for other survivors to help you, repairing your barricade in...
Plays: 4563 Rating: Not rated

Brainz - Brainz: The game features varying zombie types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses; money rewarded for each zombie put down can be used between rounds to purchase more than 20 different weapons. Controls: WASD ...
Plays: 4340 Rating: Not rated

Autumn War - Autumn War: Command your troops as they battle hordes of zombies!
Plays: 4131 Rating: Not rated

Zombie Survival Outbreak - Zombie Survival Outbreak: Make your way through the never-ending hordes of undead zombies. This is your final stand! Use your score for upgrades and equipment. Good Luck! CHEATS (Can
Plays: 4033 Rating: Not rated

Endless Zombie Rampage - Endless Zombie Rampage: Be sure to buy weapons and power ups between levels or you will be zombie food! Controls: AWSD or Arrow Keys to Move; Mouse is used for Aiming and Shooting; P key pauses the Game; Mouse wheel or E...
Plays: 3910 Rating: Not rated

Zombie Inglor - Zombie Inglor: A mix between RPG and first person shooting. Interesting to try out. Give it a go. Plenty of things to do and quests to accomplish. Controls: Use the directional keys to change weapons and items. Use mouse...
Plays: 3887 Rating: Not rated

Zombie Erik - Zombie Erik: Kill tons of zombies. Controls: Mouse to aim and shoot!
Plays: 3875 Rating: Not rated

Letum - Letum: Kill lots and lots of zombies! Hope you enjoy. Controls: Space: Shop; A,W,D: Move and jump Mouse: Aim and shoot
Plays: 3746 Rating: Not rated

The Last Stand 2 - The Last Stand 2 Game:
Plays: 3732 Rating: Not rated

Zombie Horde 3 - Zombie Horde 3: The city is full of Zombies. Hordes and Hordes of zombies. Can you escape? Controls: ASWD to Move; Mouse to Aim and Shoot; R to Reload; Space bar = Left Arm Attack; Q = Left Weapon; E = Right Weapon; CTRL...
Plays: 3727 Rating: Not rated

Deanimator Game - He must kill all terrible creations. Use YOUR MOUSE to shoot. Shoot the zombies as they rise and find the weak spots on the lesser zombies. When you find the shotgun, press SHIFT key to toggle between weapons.
Plays: 3661 Rating: Not rated

DIED HARD - DIED HARD: Traverse as many floors of Necrotomi Plaza as you can, taking on hordes of Flesh eating, but otherwise harmless Zombies! Choice of Controls: Mouse Aiming / WASD Movement; Mouse Aiming / Arrow Keys Movement; Ar...
Plays: 3661 Rating: Not rated

Zombie Horde 2 - Zombie Horde 2: Are YOU man enough to handle being out in the wild with zombies coming at you? Controls: ASDW to Move; R to reload; Mouse Click - Shoot Primary weapon; Space - Shoot Secondary weapon; Q/E to cycle through...
Plays: 3618 Rating: Not rated

Pandemic 2 - Pandemic 2 Game: infect the world with your virus!
Plays: 3550 Rating: Not rated

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